Our discretionary investment portfolio management service allows you to hand over the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio to your portfolio manager, who will monitor your holdings and make the investment decisions on your behalf. In matching your investment portfolio to your individual objectives and personal risk tolerances, your investment portfolio manager will consider all asset classes. You will be kept fully briefed on the progress of your investments through regular portfolio reviews and valuations.

You will receive as part of our discretionary management service:

  • A dedicated portfolio manager
  • Twice yearly valuations
  • Constant monitoring of your portfolio
  • Comprehensive review of your portfolio twice yearly*
  • Annual consolidated tax voucher
  • Schedule of dividends and Interest received
  • Corporate action processing
  • Annual capital gains tax review

*Portfolio reviews will automatically occur at 6 monthly intervals and will review the following:

  • Ensure all paperwork including regulatory paperwork is up to date
  • Ensure all personal and correspondence details are accurate and up to date
  • Review your risk profile and ensure it is still accurate
  • Review whether your portfolio is still in-line with your risk profile and contact you if any changes are needed
  • Review investment restrictions (where relevant)