Vartan Ravenscroft

Huntress Fund Range

Ravenscroft Investment Management Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary within the Ravenscroft group and their core offering is the Huntress Fund range, which has been designed to cater for a broad spectrum of investment requirements and risk appetites. The IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Balanced Fund is a fund-of-funds and the IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund is a focused portfolio of direct stocks, both of which offer daily dealing. All of our funds invest globally and are aligned with investment themes that we believe will benefit from long-term trends in demography, globalisation and technological developments. All of our funds are actively managed, have daily liquidity and are not constrained by stock market indices or benchmarks.  To find out more about the Funds please follow the links below:

IFLS Ravenscroft Huntress Global Balanced Fund

IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund

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