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Funds IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund

Key Details

After three years of managing the offshore equivalent, we launched the IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund onshore on 3rd July 2017, a direct equity fund that will invest into approximately 25 multinational businesses; each of which is aligned with one or more of our investment themes.

As an introduction to the Fund, our aim is to invest into high quality, well established, multi-national businesses, which have exposure to our long-term investment themes: Global Brands, Emerging Economies, Healthcare and Innovation & Technology.

These themes, driven by changes in demography, increasing global wealth and technological developments, are key to our investment strategy, as they provide a conducive operating environment for businesses to expand and grow over the long term. We believe that the companies best positioned to take advantage of this changing global environment are those which have a track record of adding shareholder value, are financially stable with low levels of leverage and whose products have a competitive advantage.

The portfolio has exposure to a range of products from small ticket consumables to more bespoke products that help consumers and companies do more with less, save money and add value to our lives.

Importantly, these products are sold the world over providing a further level of diversification in terms of currency exposure; helping investors navigate different market cycles, economic and political noise and the uncertainties of investing in equity markets.

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