IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Balanced Fund

IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund

IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Balanced Fund

Our approach

A multi-asset fund of funds that is diversified both globally and across a range of asset classes.

The objective of the Balanced Fund is to provide capital growth, that is, to increase the value of your investment, over a period of at least 3-10 years. The fund managers do this by investing into a combination of bonds, which are loans typically issued by companies and governments (including below investment grade) and shares of companies via other collective investment schemes. It is actively managed, meaning the Investment Manager decides which investments to buy or sell and when, and not constrained by a benchmark.

We launched the IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Balanced Fund in July 2017 after over 8 years of managing the offshore equivalent.

Launch Date


Fund Size

£16.5 M

Minimum Investment


Latest NAV 18 September 2020

£1.12 - A Inc

£1.16 - A Acc

£1.15 - B Inc

£1.17 - B Acc

Annual Management Fee

A Inc Class - 0.75%

A Acc Class - 0.75%

B Inc Class - 0.55%

B Acc Class - 0.55%

We invest into global themes that will benefit from long-term changes in demography, globalisation and technological developments.


10 Government

30.5 Corporate

4.6 High Yield


26.7 Global Blue Chip

22.2 Thematic

6 Cash

Portfolio Breakdown
Cash 6.0%
iShares UK Gilt ETF 4.9%
iShares UK Gilt ETF 0-5yr 5.1%
Pimco Investment Grade Bond 10.2%
Schroders Strategic Credit 5.0%
Smith & Williamson Short-Dated Corporate Bond 5.1%
TwentyFour Global Corporate Bond 10.2%
Royal London Short Duration High Yield Bond 4.6%
Fidelity Global Dividend 6.4%
Fundsmith Global Equity 7.8%
GuardCap Global Equity 5.1%
Lindsell Train Global Equity 7.4%
Arisaig Global Emerging Markets Consumer 3.9%
Brown Advisory Latin American 4.1%
First State Asian Growth 3.9%
Polar Capital Global Healthcare Opportunities 5.0%
Polar Capital Global Technology 5.3%