IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Balanced Fund

IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund

IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund

Our approach

A direct equity fund that will invest into approximately 25 multinational businesses; each of which is aligned with one or more of our investment themes.

The Global Blue Chip Fund’s main objective is to provide capital growth, that is, to increase the value of your investment, over a minimum of five years via a focused portfolio of shares in companies globally which have exposure to our long term investment themes. It is actively managed, meaning the Investment Manager decides which investments to buy or sell and when, and not constrained by a benchmark.

We launched the IFSL Ravenscroft Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund onshore in July 2017, having managed the offshore equivalent for three years prior to this.

Launch Date


Fund Size

£11.4 M

Minimum Investment


Latest NAV 18 September 2020

£1.31 - A Acc

£1.28 - B Inc

£1.33 - B Acc

Annual Management Fee

A Acc Class - 0.75%

B Inc Class - 0.55%

B Acc Class - 0.55%

The portfolio has exposure to a range of products from small ticket consumables to more bespoke products that help consumers and companies do more with less, save money and add value to our lives.


39.4 Global Brands & Emerging Economies

27.7 Healthcare

28.3 Technology & Innovation

Cash & Bonds

4.6 Cash

Portfolio Breakdown
Cash 4.6%
Colgate 2.0%
Diageo 2.8%
Henkel 3.7%
Kimberly-Clark 3.2%
L’Oréal 2.7%
LVMH 2.8%
Nestlé 2.8%
Nike 2.1%
PepsiCo 3.5%
Richemont 3.5%
Unilever 4.8%
Visa Inc 2.3%
Walt Disney 3.2%
Alcon 0.4%
Illumina 1.8%
Johnson & Johnson 5.2%
Medtronic 5.2%
Novartis 4.7%
Roche 4.5%
Sanofi 4.0%
Waters Corp 1.9%
3M 3.4%
Alphabet 3.0%
Apple 3.1%
Honeywell 4.4%
Intel 3.3%
Microsoft 4.4%
RELX 4.7%